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Enuff Z'Nuff


Most who frequent the rathole that are fans of Enuff Z' Nuff probably prefer the first two Atco records. Those were the albums that were the most 80s accessible with instant hooks and hit after hit capability. Chip dug through the archives and came up with 11 songs recorded with the original band. You can definitely hear the band was headed, but even more surprising is how 80s a few of the tracks on '?' sound. 'No Place Like Home' sounds like 'Mothers Eyes' with different lyrics. 'Home Tonight' is another 'For Now'. Frigo's signature wailing isn't prevalent, but you can hear Foxx's drumwork. quite easily. Any of these songs could have been on 'classic' Z' Nuff releases. --johnk5150

Average Rathole Visitor Rating7.5

Track Listing

  1. Gorgeous
  2. Home Tonight
  3. Help
  4. No Place Like Home
  5. Harleya
  6. Hang On For Your Life
  7. Man With a Woman
  8. How Are You?
  9. Joni Woni (Likes To Ride The Pony)
  10. This Guy
  11. Stone Cold Crazy


VOCALS: Donnie Vie
GUITAR: Derek Frigo
Donnie Vie
BASS: Chip Znuff
DRUMS: Vic Foxx


LABEL: Stoney Records
PRODUCED BY: Chip and Donnie
“You knew me from a friend, You knew me from a lover you once had. You said you wanna be with me again -- I don't think so...”