Miracles By Design cd cover


Miracles By Design

Heartland is really hitting their stride on their fifth studio release. Morris and Ousey (Virginia Wolf) no longer have the big budgets, but they have the songs and chuck out another really pleasurable listen, AOR style. It's like they have created an arena rock song assembly line. The production is surprisingly good for a minor label release. --johnk5150

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.4

Track Listing

  1. Into The Flame
  2. Catch You If You Fall
  3. Total Eclipse
  4. A Leap In The Dark
  5. X Marks The Spot
  6. Even Angels Cry
  7. I Count The Days
  8. Miracles Take Time
  9. Always The Love Will Survive
  10. Show Me The Way
  11. Let It Roll


VOCALS: Chris Ousey
GUITAR: Steve Morris
Kenny Loney
BASS: Dave Hopia
DRUMS: Steve Gibson
KEYBOARDS: Steve Morris
GUESTS: John Counsel


LABEL: Escape
PRODUCED BY: Steve Morris
Paul Dean
“Didn't I, didn't I, didn't I see you cryin'? Oh, didn't I, didn't I, didn't I see you cryin'? Feelin' all alone without a friend, you know you feel like dyin'. Oh, didn't I, didn't I, didn't I see you cryin'? ”