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Bad Company

Bad Company

Probably the first of the 'corporate rock' bands. A 'supergroup' ala Cream that rose from the ashes of Free and Mott The Hoople, they knew their way around a hook and rode it to 50 million worldwide sales. Many a producer has said the snare drum sound on 'Can't Get Enough' is perfection. ---johnk5150

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Track Listing

  1. Can't Get Enough
  2. Rock Steady
  3. Ready For Love
  4. Don't Let Me Down
  5. Bad Company
  6. The Way I Choose
  7. Movin' On
  8. Seagull


VOCALS: Paul Rodgers
GUITAR: Mick Ralphs
BASS: Boz Burrell
DRUMS: Simon Kirke
KEYBOARDS: Paul Rodgers


LABEL: Swan Song
PRODUCED BY: Bad Company
“I'm standing here, looking at your photograph. I can't believe I'm all alone and you're not coming back. On and on, we rode the storm. I sometimes wish, I'd never been born, alone here, crying out for love…”