Live:Entertainment or Death - Disc 1 cd cover

Motley Crue

Live:Entertainment or Death - Disc 1

Really strong recordings from the first few live Motley shows. You can hear the energy in the band that would become hard rock gods before they got bloated and sloppy on disc 2.

Average Rathole Visitor Rating7.8

Track Listing

  1. Looks That Kill
  2. Knock 'Em Dead, Kid
  3. Too Young To Fall In Love
  4. Live Wire
  5. Public Enemy #1
  6. Shout At The Devil
  7. Merry-Go-Round
  8. Ten Seconds To Love
  9. Piece Of Your Action
  10. Starry Eyes
  11. Helter Skelter


VOCALS: Vince Neil
GUITAR: Mick Mars
BASS: Nikki Sixx
DRUMS: Tommy Lee


LABEL: Motley Records
PRODUCED BY: Motley Crue
“Day after day, day after day, we stuck nor breath nor motion. As idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean. Water, water everywhere and all the boards did shrink. Water, water everywhere nor any drop to drink.”