Slave to the Grind cd cover

Skid Row

Slave to the Grind

I remember seeing 'Monkey Business' on MTV for the first time and thinking to myself, 'This ain't no Can't Stand The Heartache'. Skid Row were now a bonafide hard ROCK band. Every song is a sonic assault and Bas kicks his screaming up a notch. --johnk5150

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Track Listing

  1. monkey business
  2. slave to the grind
  3. the threat
  4. quicksand jesus
  5. psycho love
  6. get the fuck out
  7. livin' on a chain gang
  8. creepshow
  9. in a darkened room
  10. riot act
  11. mudkicker
  12. wasted time


VOCALS: Sebastioan Bach
GUITAR: Dave Sabo
Scotti Hill
BASS: Rachel Bolan
DRUMS: Rob Affuso


LABEL: Atlantic
PRODUCED BY: Michael Wagener
“Give me enough rope to hang myself, give me something I can use. A breath of a word for the time endured, just a light to spark my fuse.”