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Sonic Adventure 2

Official Soundtrack

sonic adventure2 dreamcast video music created by jun senoue --Anonymous

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Track Listing

  1. it doesnt matter
  2. lets make it
  3. escape from the city
  4. vengence is mine
  5. lovely gate
  6. unknown from m.e
  7. this way out
  8. im a spy
  9. thats the way i like it
  10. rhythm and balance
  11. wont stop just go
  12. e.g.g.m.a.n.
  13. dive into the mellow
  14. rumbling hwy
  15. fly in the freedom
  16. sa2
  17. space trip steps
  18. soarin over space
  19. belive in my self
  20. high way in the sky
  21. throw it all away
  22. deep inside of


VOCALS: Johnny Gioeli
GUITAR: Jun Senoue
BASS: Takeshi Taneda
DRUMS: Katsuji
KEYBOARDS: Albert Menendez
GUESTS: Hunnid-p


LABEL: Sonic Team
PRODUCED BY: Yukifumi Makino
“Somehow, somewhere, someone sold me the wrong set of dreams. Like a rag doll in careless hands, I come apart at the seams.”