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Masquerade was formed in Sweeden, and deliver music similar to bands like TNT, Heavens Edge, Cry Wolf, with slight hints of XYZ & Dokken. Think of TNT's top songs, like "Tonight I'm Falling", "Intuition", "Everyone's A Star", but delivered with much more predictibility. If strong melodies & hooks are your thing, definately pick up this CD. Awesome vocals, great guitarist - think George Lynch & Ronni LeTekro combined, this CD is a must-have for fans of bands named above. -- Mike's Metal Zone

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Track Listing

  1. Gimme All Your Love
  2. Four Letter Words
  3. Our Time Has Come
  4. Sudden Love Affair
  5. Ride With The Wind
  6. Dawning Of The Day
  7. Le Baugeux De Triomphe
  8. Wild Child
  9. Dancin' On The Edge
  10. Liaison
  11. Justice
  12. All Night All Day
  13. Give It A Shot
  14. Lonely World


VOCALS: Tony Yoanson
GUITAR: Thomas Eric
BASS: Henrik Lundberg
DRUMS: Marco Tapani


LABEL: Dino Music
PRODUCED BY: Tony Yoanson & Thomas Gison
“Home alone and I pick up the phone, I take a chance and dial her number. All she said was the name of her street; With a smile, you know where I'm gonna go...”