U4IA cd cover

Human Clay


Human Clay was formed by friends Jeff Scott Soto & Marcel Jacob. These guys first met in 1985 - both appearing on Yngwie’s Marching Out cd. After that, they both went their separate ways. Luckily for AOR fans, a band called Talisman was formed in the early '90s, bringing Soto & Jacob back together. Human Clay was formed as a side project. The music is similar to Talisman, just hands-down great melodic metal full of hooks that will keep you screaming for more. If you never heard of Human Clay, do yourself a favor, and buy U4IA, it delivers tight, melodic metal and one of the best vocal performances of Soto's career thus far. --Mike

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.9

Track Listing

  1. Lessons Of Love
  2. King Of The Nation
  3. Salvation
  4. Pain & Deception
  5. The Thin Line
  6. Speed Demon
  7. U4IA
  8. Pretender
  9. Stand 4 The Fall
  10. Survive
  11. Boy On A Golden Hill


VOCALS: Jeff Scott Soto
GUITAR: Marcel Jacob
BASS: Marcel Jacob
DRUMS: Jamie Borger
KEYBOARDS: Jeff Scott Soto


LABEL: Pony Canyon Inc
PRODUCED BY: Marcel Jacob & Jeff Scott Soto
“"In days of decision with conflict and visions,they burns a star Look to the sky for the answers that you need to know Start once again,rejecting all trends knowing who you are Your heart is renewed with the spirit that soon takes control...."”