Dying for the World cd cover


Dying for the World

The album is dark in tone, but musically rich. The song arrangement is much better than most of the bands that W.A.S.P. is typically compared to and frankly the writing is just better. Even though some melodies and ideas seem to be recycled from previous W.A.S.P. albums, individually these songs can still stand on their own. Itís not blatant or direct, just a vocal melody here or a similar riff or rhythm there. Blackie is just expanding on the W.A.S.P. sound that he created. And it works because itís a great sound. The production is great and the pacing of the album sets a solid flow for all of the songs. This is a really solid effort from beginning to end. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.4

Track Listing

  1. Shadow Man
  2. My Wicked Heart
  3. Black Bone Torso
  4. Hell for Eternity
  5. Hallowed Ground
  6. Revengeance
  7. Trail of Tears
  8. Stone Cold Killers
  9. Rubber Man
  10. Hallowed Ground


VOCALS: Blackie Lawless
GUITAR: Darrell Roberts
Blackie Lawless
BASS: Mike Duda
DRUMS: Frankie Banali


LABEL: Metal-Is / Sanctuary
PRODUCED BY: Blackie Lawless
“It's late at night and neither one of us is sleeping. I can't imagine living my life after you're gone. Wondering why so many questions have no answers, I keep on searching for the reason why we went wrong.”