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Various Artists

Leonardo - The Absolute Man

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Track Listing

  1. Apparition
  2. Aria for Italy
  3. With Father
  4. Reins of Tuscan
  5. Reproach
  6. Mona Lisa
  7. Il Divino
  8. Inundation
  9. Apprentice
  10. First Commission
  11. Mother of God
  12. This Time, this Way
  13. Inventions
  14. Shaping the Invisible
  15. Introduction to Francois I
  16. Heart of France
  17. Sacrament
  18. End of a World


VOCALS: James LaBrie
Davey Pattison
Michelle Young
Josh Pincus
Lisa Bouchelle
Mike Baker
Trent Gardner
Robert Berry
Steve Walsh
Chris Shryack
Bret Douglas
GUITAR: Wayne Gardner
Patrick Reyes
Luis Maldonado
BASS: Steve Reyes
Luis Maldonado
DRUMS: Jeremy Colson
Joe Franco
KEYBOARDS: Trent Gardner


LABEL: Magna Carta
PRODUCED BY: Trent Gardner
“When you're in love, you can never be alone.”