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Wilson, Nancy

Live at McCabe's Guitar Shop

We all know Ann and Nancy Wilson, the sisters who were the creative core of the heavy metal supergroup Heart. Ann had a voice like thunder, and Nancy was a guitar goddess second only to Lita Ford. Well, here we find Nancy in the spotlight. Sure, she had the occasional vocal on Heart's albums (she sang thier hit "These Dreams," not Ann), but here she IS the album. It's live at a little folk club, just her on acoustic guitar, with a couple friends on backing vocals. She recycles three old Heart songs, does some new material, plus three old folk covers: Paul Simon's "Kathy's Song," Joni Mitchell's "A Case of You," and Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes." Not what one would expect from a heavy metal goddess, but it's a surprising treat. -Anonymous

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Track Listing

  1. Even It Up
  2. Kathy's Song
  3. Half Moon
  4. Everything
  5. A Case of You
  6. Sister
  7. Love Mistake
  8. Ground Zero
  9. Legheads Lament
  10. In Your Eyes
  11. Angels
  12. These Dreams
  13. The Rain Song


VOCALS: Nancy Wilson
GUITAR: Nancy Wilson


LABEL: Columbia
PRODUCED BY: Brian Foraker
“Mothers sweep your little lies right before your children's eyes, fathers just ignore this new disease. TV raises children well. Intravenous show and tell, they're going down our steps on hands and knees...”