Hollywood A Go Go: The Best Of cd cover

L.A. Guns

Hollywood A Go Go: The Best Of

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Track Listing

  1. Sex Action
  2. Never Enough
  3. Electric Gypsy
  4. Kiss My Love Goodbye
  5. The Ballad Of Jane
  6. One More Reason
  7. Wild Obsession
  8. Kill That Girl
  9. Rip & Tear
  10. No Mercy
  11. Killing Machine
  12. Dirty Luv
  13. Malaria
  14. Long Time Dead
  15. Some Lie 4 Love
  16. Face Down
  17. Hollywood Tease
  18. I Wanna Be Your Man
  19. Sex Action (Live)


VOCALS: Phil Lewis
GUITAR: Tracii Guns
Mick Cripps
BASS: Kelly Nickells
DRUMS: Steve Riley


LABEL: PolyGram
“By the day I'm the law, I'm the right. I'm the might against evil. In the night my kiss you'll despise. I'm the terror. I'm the master of disguise.”