Metal Health cd cover

Quiet Riot

Metal Health

Okay. This was the first 'heavy metal' album to go to number one. There's a good reason. Produced impeccably, hard rock officially became mainstream. I remember I bought this one without my parents knowledge and played 'Let's Get Crazy' over and over just to hear Kevin scream 'wanna kiss your lips, not the ones on your face'. That's a great lyric when you're 13 and don't know any better. --johnk5150

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.1

Track Listing

  1. metal health
  2. cum on feel the noize
  3. don't wanna let you go
  4. slick black cadillac
  5. love's a bitch
  6. breathless
  7. run for cover
  8. battle axe
  9. let's get crazy
  10. thunderbird


VOCALS: Kevin DuBrow
GUITAR: Carlos Cavazo
BASS: Rudy Sarzo
DRUMS: Frankie Banali


LABEL: Pasha
PRODUCED BY: Spencer Proffer
“And the phoenix flies, straight and high back to Avalon/Now I'm on my way, back where I belong/Gonna go there with a song/Back to Avalon.”