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Rose Tattoo

Angry Metal: 20 Great Tracks

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Track Listing

  1. Rock 'n' Roll Outlaw
  2. The Butcher And Fast Eddy
  3. Dead Set
  4. One Of The Boys
  5. Tramp
  6. Nice Boys
  7. Remedy
  8. Sidewalk Sally
  9. Scarred For Life
  10. We Can Be Beaten
  11. It's Gonna Work Itself Out
  12. Branded
  13. Out Of This Place
  14. All The Lessons
  15. Assault And Battery
  16. Southern Stars
  17. Death Or Glory
  18. Magnum Maid
  19. Saturday's Rage
  20. The Radio Said Rock 'n' Roll


VOCALS: Angry Anderson
GUITAR: Mick Cocks
Peter Wells
BASS: Geordie Leech
DRUMS: Digger Royal
GUESTS: Rob Riley
Scott Johnston
Greg Jordan
John Meyer


LABEL: Albert/Repertoire
“As the sun goes down, I move around, keeping to the shadows. Life hangs by a thread, and I've heard it said, that I'll not see tomorrow.”