Dirty  But Well Dressed cd cover

Beau Nasty

Dirty But Well Dressed

This band got screwed. With their high-pitched vocals (like a much better version of Sammy Hagar) and great guitar sound, they had all of the elements that should have made them successful at the time. Well written and well played, the songs are great. The production is awesome and the back-up vocals are incredible. The rockers rock and the ballads are fantastic, but they made a mistake. They signed with CBS. I guess a record deal is always exciting when itís offered and they had no way of knowing at the time, but in the 80ís CBS was where metal went to die. They didnít promote anything. If they did, they might have found a hit with this cd. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.0

Track Listing

  1. Shake It
  2. Goodbye Rosie
  3. Gimme Lovin'
  4. Paradise in the Sand
  5. Dirty But Well Dressed
  6. Love to the Bone
  7. Gemini
  8. Piece of the Action
  9. Make a Wish
  10. Love Potion # 9


VOCALS: Mark Anthony Fretz
GUITAR: George Bernhardt
Brian Young
BASS: Doug Baker
DRUMS: Mike Terrana


PRODUCED BY: Paul Winger
“First base it's me living an empty life so wrong. Heading to nowhere, drinking all night long.”