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Best And Rare DISC 2

This 2 cd set gives a good sample of the best of the band, and it lets us hear some songs that were never really accessalbe to the average Joe. --Anonymous

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Track Listing

  1. Tokyo Night (demo Sept. 1985)
  2. Lady Of My Love (demo 1985)
  3. We Will Meet Again (instrumental demo '85)
  4. Stranger (demo '87)
  5. Stand Up And Fight (demo '87)
  6. Now Love (demo '87)
  7. Therapy Of Tears (demo '87)
  8. Headstrong (original single)
  9. I'll Survive (original single)
  10. In A Crazy World Like This (demo '88)
  11. Somewhere Out There (b side Only One Woman)
  12. How Long (b side Easy Livin')
  13. 21st Century Man (demo '89)
  14. Wild Young & Free (unreleased single)
  15. Hot Summer Nights (b side Turn On The Radio)
  16. Eagle (b side Angel Eyes)


VOCALS: Jim Jidhed
Pete Sandberg
Daniel ZanggerBorch

GUITAR: Tony Borg
BASS: Ken Sandin
Conny Payne
Patrik Oblad

DRUMS: Toby Tarrach
Michael Wikman
Staffan Scharin

KEYBOARDS: Jimmy Wandroph
Richard Andre'

GUESTS: Hans Gislasson


LABEL: Virgin Records Sweden
PRODUCED BY: Various Producers
“Nothing is erased - No, Nothing ...”