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Best And Rare DISC 1

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Track Listing

  1. Only One Woman (single version)
  2. Tears Don't Put Out The Fire (U.S. mix)
  3. Go Easy (U.S. mix)
  4. The Air That I Breathe (U.S. mix)
  5. Easy Livin' (single version)
  6. Brave New Love (original0
  7. Touch My Fire (U.S. mix)
  8. I've Been Waiting (U.S. mix)
  9. Feel My Love (U.S. mix)
  10. Angel Eyes (single version)
  11. Turn On The Radio (single version)
  12. Hold On Move On (album version)
  13. Don't Turn Me Away (album version)
  14. A Little Ain't Enough (album version)
  15. Standin' Alone (album version)
  16. Searchin' (album version)


VOCALS: Jim Jidhed
Pete Sandberg
Daniel ZanggerBorch

GUITAR: Tony Borg
BASS: Ken Sandin
Conny Payne
Patrik Oblad

DRUMS: Toby Tarrach
Michael Wikman
Staffan Scharin

KEYBOARDS: Jimmy Wandroph
Richard Andre'

GUESTS: Hans Gislasson


LABEL: Virgin Records Sweden
PRODUCED BY: Various Producers
“We've been down this road so long ... so many times, we've been here where angels fear to tread”