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The Plasmatics

Meet the Plasmatics

In 1978, Wendy Orlean Williams formed The Plasmatics with Rod Swenson, the radical anti-artist who was also her boyfriend and the owner of the sex show she worked in. With Rod as manager and Wendy as vocalist, they set out to challenge the status quo and create a change. Their live act consisted of blowing up cars, smashing TV sets, and chainsawing guitars in half, all while making the heaviest, scratch your face off rock possible. This was released independently after a series of indie singles, and features what is called "The Random Noise Jam." It is included as part of the album-side-long "Want You Baby," and features the musicians in darkened isolation booths, unable to see or hear each other, going insane on their instruments, with Wendy on saxophone. A truly unique piece of heavy rock. --Anonymous

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Track Listing

  1. Sometimes I
  2. Won't You
  3. Want You Baby


VOCALS: Wendy O. Williams
GUITAR: Richie Stotts
Wes Beech
BASS: Chosei Funahara
DRUMS: Stu Deutsch


LABEL: Vice Squad
PRODUCED BY: Stellar Axeman
“living forevermore, leaving today, back to my place, I've got nothing to say!”