Beyond the Valley of 1984 cd cover

The Plasmatics

Beyond the Valley of 1984

For the band's second full-length album, drummer Stu Deutsch had departed and his place was temporarily taken by Neil Smith. Here, we find Wendy, furious over the severe beatings she and Rod had suffered at the hands of the Milwaukee vice squad, screaming angrily about the idiots running our society in songs like "Masterplan" and "Pig is a Pig." Taken as a whole, this is definitely the best of the band's albums. --Anonymous

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.2

Track Listing

  1. Incantation
  2. Masterplan
  3. Headbanger
  4. Summer Night
  5. Nothing
  6. Fast Food Service
  7. Hit Man (live)
  8. Living Dead
  9. Sex Junkie
  10. Plasma Jam
  11. Pig is a Pig (live)


VOCALS: Wendy O. Williams
GUITAR: Richie Stotts
Wes Beech
BASS: Jean Beauvoir
DRUMS: Neil Smith


LABEL: Stiff
PRODUCED BY: The Plasmatics and Rod Swenson
“I'm lucky in Atlantic City Lucky in Reno too Lucky in Las Vegas But I've got no luck with you”