Lean Into It cd cover

Mr. Big

Lean Into It

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Track Listing

  1. daddy brother lover little boy
  2. alive and kickin'
  3. green-tinted sixties mind
  4. cdff-lucky this time
  5. voodoo kiss
  6. never say never
  7. just take my heart
  8. my kinda woman
  9. a little too loose
  10. road to ruin
  11. to be with you


VOCALS: Eric Martin
GUITAR: Paul Gilbert
BASS: Billy Sheehan
DRUMS: Pat Torpey


LABEL: Atlantic
PRODUCED BY: Kevin Elson
“Someone write me a letter. I need to know that I'm still alive. Someone give me a telephone call, I need to hear a human sound. Someone open up a door and let me out of this place. I've been caged up for oh so long I don't know if I'm living or dying.”