Soul Destruction cd cover

The Almighty

Soul Destruction

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Track Listing

  1. Crucify
  2. Free 'N' Easy
  3. Joy Bang One Time
  4. Love Religion
  5. Bandaged Knees
  6. Praying To The Red Light
  7. Sin Against The Light
  8. Little Lost Sometimes
  9. Devil's Toy
  10. What More Do You Want
  11. Hell To Pay
  12. Loaded


VOCALS: Ricky Warwick
GUITAR: Tantrum
BASS: Floyd London
DRUMS: Stump Monroe
GUESTS: James Taylor
Mark Feltham
Andy Taylor


LABEL: Polydor
PRODUCED BY: Andy Taylor
“If you wanna leave, I don't wanna beg you to stay. And if you gotta go, darling, maybe it's better that way. I'm gonna be strong. I'm gonna be fine. Don't worry about this heart of mine. Just walk out that door and see if I care. Go on and go now, but don't turn around...”