Damage Done cd cover

Norgren, Pontus

Damage Done

Blending the best aspects of modern rock, classic rock and a healthy dose of 80's metal to hold it all together, Pontus has really made his mark with his debut solo album. Musically, he manages to touch on many different styles, but the real trick is that with as versatile as the album is, it manages to maintain an overall rock feel without ever sacrificing it's experimental edge. Adding to it's sound is the unmistakable anguished wail of Mats Leven on vocals. While many guitarists looking to make a name for themselves with a solo album try to do it with the speed of their solos, Norgren has taken the less traveled route of just writing some great songs. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.2

Track Listing

  1. Down And Out
  2. Brand New Start
  3. Losing My Religion
  4. As The River Run
  5. Lonely People
  6. On My Own
  7. Here I Am
  8. Time
  9. Suicidal Mission
  10. Friends
  11. *Holy Ground


VOCALS: Mats Leven
GUITAR: Pontus Norgren
BASS: Chris Goldsmith
DRUMS: Tomas Broman


LABEL: Z Records
PRODUCED BY: Pontus Norgren
“I'm lucky in Atlantic City Lucky in Reno too Lucky in Las Vegas But I've got no luck with you”