Grand Design cd cover

Damned Nation

Grand Design

A grand effort from the Damned... This cd reminds me very much of the popular self-titled debut from XYZ. Damned Nation has a similar Dokken influence thatís apparent in the riff-oriented writing, but brings a unique element with their singerís voice. With a good blend of textures throughout the album, there is a very balanced feeling to each song and the album as a whole, and the attention to detail is pretty amazing. The song structuring is fantastic throughout the cd and the production is crisp and tight. When you have a band where all members are just putting forth 110% like these guys you end up with a cd as good as this one. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.5

Track Listing

  1. Stonecold Woman
  2. Hiding from the World
  3. Heart on the Run
  4. Fortune-teller
  5. Desperate Call
  6. Eyes of a Stranger
  7. Hands of Time
  8. Going Crazy
  9. Scream of Anger
  10. Love Reaction
  11. Dance in Darkness


VOCALS: Thomas Thorsen
GUITAR: Robert Warnqvist
BASS: Magnus Jonsson
DRUMS: Roger Jern
GUESTS: Anders Linden


LABEL: Z Records
PRODUCED BY: Damned Nation
“I sneak in my own house. It's four in the morning. I had too much to drink, said I was out with the boys...”