Disconnected cd cover

Fates Warning


After the long, depressing and boring album Pleasant Shade of Gray, Fateís Warning seems to be back on the right track with Disconnected, but still not up to the brilliant levels they achieved with Parallels and Inside Out. The single, One, harks back to the Glory days, but itís the high point of the album instead of the status quo. With only seven songs, (5 with lyrics & 2 instrumental) the album plays more like a movie soundtrack or musical score than an album. Itís a good soundtrack, but I miss the songs. The songs, when they play them are still good, but the band seems more intent on making one big long song than an album full of unique pieces. The musicianship is still flawless, the singing as clear as ever and the production always perfect with Terry Brown. Itís not their best work, but itís a step in the right direction. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating7.8

Track Listing

  1. Disconnected part 1
  2. One
  3. So
  4. Pieces of Me
  5. Something From Nothing
  6. Still Remains
  7. Disconnected part 2


VOCALS: Ray Alder
GUITAR: Jim Matheos
BASS: Joey Vera
DRUMS: Mark Zonder
KEYBOARDS: Kevin Moore


LABEL: Metal Blade Records
PRODUCED BY: Fates Warning & Terry Brown
“I saw the city down in the desert. Destiny in the sun. I saw the people aware of the hunger still to come.”