Two Fires cd cover

Two Fires

Two Fires

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Track Listing

  1. My Love Will Be There
  2. I Won't Give Up On Us
  3. Piece of My Heart
  4. When Love Is Gone
  5. Summer of Love
  6. Surrender
  7. A Man's Gottta Do (What a Man's Gotta Do)
  8. Remember
  9. Never Stop Loving You
  10. Alyssia
  11. I Believe In You
  12. I Can See You
  13. River of Destiny


VOCALS: Kevin Chalfant
GUITAR: Josh Ramos
BASS: Willie Weeks
DRUMS: Kenny Aronoff
GUESTS: Alby Odum
Brent Mitchell
Klem Hayes
Jime Peterik
Joe Marquez
Rick Powell


LABEL: Frontiers Records
PRODUCED BY: Kevin Chalfant
“Ain't no big secret so forget all you heard Love ain't nothing but a four-letter word. For some it's for better, for some it's for worse Love ain't nothing but a four-letter word.”