Thunderdome cd cover

Street Legal


This new 3-piece band from Norway is comprised of three veterans of the Norwegian hard rock scene and their experience can be heard in their debut album, Thunderdome. With a very intense Blue Murder/Whitesnake vibe, these three guys have crafted a high-gloss, high-energy cd. Utilizing the blues infected groove that has followed John Sykes throughout his career, Street Legal captures the same feel, through soaring vocal melodies and riffs inspired by Sykes and Vai, right down to the use of the fretless bass. Good writing, good production, good cdů --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating7.6

Track Listing

  1. Thunderdome
  2. Chasing the Rainbow
  3. Powertool
  4. Calling for You
  5. Wrong Side of Town
  6. Red Light District
  7. Stranger in the Night
  8. Will I Ever Love Again
  9. Shadow Dance
  10. In the Mood (For Your Love)
  11. Shine On
  12. *Folly Town


VOCALS: Bjorn Boge
GUITAR: Ken Ingwersen
BASS: Bjorn Boge
DRUMS: Bjorn Olav Lauvdal


LABEL: Frontiers Records
PRODUCED BY: Bjorn Boge & Ken Ingwersen
“Tears like rain, are falling again. Feeling the pain and reaching out in vain. ”