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Iron Maiden

The X Factor

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Track Listing

  1. Sign of the Cross
  2. Lord of the Flies
  3. Man on the Edge
  4. Fortunes of War
  5. Look for the Truth
  6. Aftermath
  7. Judgement of the War
  8. Blood on the World's Hand
  9. Edge of Darkness
  10. 2 A.M.
  11. Unbeliever


VOCALS: Blaze Bayley
GUITAR: Dave Murray
Janick Gers
BASS: Steve Harris
DRUMS: Nicko McBrain


LABEL: CMC International
PRODUCED BY: Nigel Green
“Just a mile or so away is my dearest frind in this world. He wears the blue and I the grey, and God it hurts me so. The last time we were together, I grabbed his hand and I pledged, if I ever draw my sword on you, may the good Lord strike me dead...”