Soldiers And Sailors On Riverside cd cover


Soldiers And Sailors On Riverside

Vaughn is probably the best album I've heard all year and maybe in the last few years. Danny has evolved into an amazing songwriter with a HUGE amount of depth. This isn't 'Don't Come Easy'. It's a different animal. Danny has a boundless amount of songwriting maturity. With lyrics like "Count your needs on your worry beads..", the man shows that he's got an interesting ways to say what he thinks. He's try to pawn off his maturity by a pale Beatles rip off (Jon Bon Who?). He creates his own territory by use of great rock songs with some horns, a chick back singer and unbeleivable material. Give it a chance.

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.8

Track Listing

  1. Bad Water
  2. Is That All There Is
  3. Healing Hands
  4. A Handful Of Rain
  5. Stone Monkey
  6. Shadowland
  7. Soldiers & Sailors On Riverside
  8. Paradise Ain't Home
  9. Gandy Dancer
  10. The Voice


VOCALS: Danny Vaughn
GUITAR: P.J. Zitarosa
BASS: Jaimie Scott
DRUMS: Michael Clayton Arbeeny
KEYBOARDS: Kyle Cummings


LABEL: Z-Records
PRODUCED BY: Danny Vaughn
Michael Clayton Arbeeny & Paul Orofi
“We see with blood in our eyes, takin' no prisoners and leaving the weak ones behind!”