Pride In Tact cd cover


Pride In Tact

Sadly, this is not the same Lionsheart that we heard on their debut. While Steve, the drummer and the keyboardist remained together, the Owers brothers were replaced. And although Nick and Zak are fantastic musicians, something didn't work as well here. All of the individual performances are above average, but the songs didn't gel as well as they did on the first album. That being said this is a great album. It just isn't AS great, as their debut. I recommend that you buy them both, but get this one first. That way it doesn't have such a high standard to measure up to. Great music, great singing great cd.

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.7

Track Listing

  1. deja vu
  2. i'll stand up
  3. i believe in love
  4. love remains
  5. something for nothing
  6. pain in my heart
  7. gods of war
  8. stronger than steel
  9. (take a little) piece of my heart
  10. who's the wise man (jacie's song)
  11. i'll be there
  12. relentless


VOCALS: Steve Grimmett
GUITAR: Nick Burr
BASS: Zak Bajjon
DRUMS: Anthony Christmas
KEYBOARDS: Graham Collett


LABEL: Music For Nations
PRODUCED BY: Steve Harris
“Yes we all need some light now, turn on your light, and wsh the darkness away”