Alive III cd cover


Alive III

One hell of a live release holding classic '70s songs with '80s & '90s rockers. Bruce & Eric really shine on this live release. Paul's voice is at its best. The man's voice just gets better with age. Gene is thunderous on each track and makes his presence known throughout. All eras of KISS fans will enjoy this release and will relish the new crunch on classics like Watchin' You and I Was Made For Lovin' You. This effort is one of my favorite all time KISS releases and I've been a KISS fan since the '70s.
-- Nathan Adney

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.4

Track Listing

  1. creatures of the night
  2. deuce
  3. i just wanna
  4. unholy
  5. heaven's on fire
  6. watchin' you
  7. domino
  8. i was made for lovin' you
  9. i still love you
  10. rock and roll all nite
  11. lick it up
  12. forever
  13. i love it loud
  14. detroit rock city
  15. god gave rock 'n' roll to you
  16. star spangled banner


VOCALS: Paul Stanley
GUITAR: Bruce Kulick
Paul Stanley
BASS: Gene Simmons
DRUMS: Eric Singer


LABEL: PolyGram - Mercury
PRODUCED BY: Eddie Kramer
“And the world looks on in anguish At life's suicide”