Crazy Nights cd cover


Crazy Nights

This cd is an example of Kiss trying to follow what was hot at the time-Bon Jovi, Poison, Winger, etc. Songs on this release are predictable, uninspired, attempts to cash in on the metal pop scene. Instead of being the trendsetters, Kiss, unfortunately, had followed what was trendy. It's no wonder they'll probably never play anything from this disc in the near future.
-- Dan Pate

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Track Listing

  1. crazy nights
  2. i'll fight hell to hold you
  3. bang bang
  4. no no no
  5. hell or high water
  6. my way
  7. when your walls come down
  8. reason to live
  9. good girl gone bad
  10. turn on the night
  11. thief in the night


VOCALS: Paul Stanley
GUITAR: Bruce Kulick
Paul Stanley
BASS: Gene Simmons
DRUMS: Eric Carr


LABEL: PolyGram - Mercury
PRODUCED BY: Ron Nevison
“Day by day, watching you disappear, wishing that you were still here beside me. On my own, swimming against the tide, there's nobody on my side, but your memory…”