Vicious Circle cd cover

L.A. Guns

Vicious Circle

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Track Listing

  1. Face Down
  2. No Crime
  3. Long Time Dead
  4. Killing Machine
  5. Fade Away
  6. Tarantula (Tracii instrumental)
  7. Crystal Eyes
  8. Nothing Better To Do
  9. Chasing The Dragon
  10. Kill That Girl
  11. I'd Love To Change The World
  12. Who's In Control [Let 'Em Roll]
  13. I'm The One
  14. Why Ain't I Bleeding
  15. Kiss Of Death


VOCALS: Phil Lewis
GUITAR: Tracii Guns
Mick Cripps
BASS: Kelly Nickels
DRUMS: Steve Riley


LABEL: Polydor
“Way back at the dawn of time, Adam and Eve did a terrible crime. He followed her down on lovers lane, now I'm payin' for his mistake. Aphrodite and Godiva too, gotta take the blame for what I'm going through. It's never gonna change; only getting worse. Women of the world-- Lord, it's gotta be a curse.”