An Axe to Grind cd cover

Tamplin, Ken

An Axe to Grind

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Track Listing

  1. Livin' For My Lord
  2. The Continuing Saga of Screwtape and Wormwood
  3. Goin' All the Way
  4. Never Give Up
  5. Music Box
  6. Not Alone
  7. Goin' Home
  8. Bouree in E Minor
  9. Straight Between the Eyes
  10. I Hear Cryin'
  11. Armageddon
  12. Holdin' On
  13. Take 'Em Back
  14. Believin' is the Hardest Part
  15. All the Things You Are


VOCALS: Ken Tamplin
GUITAR: David Sikes
Ken Tamplin
BASS: Chuck Wright
DRUMS: Ken Mary
KEYBOARDS: Roger Mielke


LABEL: Intense
“Well you've got quite a brain, but I've got half a mind, to show you what I want to do to you. With all respect your intellect takes a back seat this time. It's a physical attraction, that turns me on.”