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The Best of 1980
Full disclosure ... I wasn't listening to these albums in 1980. I was eight or nine years old at that time and more interested in Smurfs and The Dukes of Hazzard than music. I don't think I had any real albums of my own yet, but I did a google search of the top songs of 1980 to see what I remember from that era, either from the radio or stuff my dad might have played. It's not pretty, but if I'm being honest what I remember was Funkytown and Blondie's Call Me. It's Still Rock And Roll To Me and You May Be Right by Billy Joel were big, as were Tom Petty's Don't Do Me Like That and Refugee (covered well 29 years later by Vains of Jenna). I don't remember Cristopher Cross but I remember his songs Ride Like The Wind and Sailing. I remember my dad had the Air Supply album with Lost In Love and All Out Of Love and I still remember Olivia Newton-John's Magic and Michael Jackson's Rock With You. The closest things to rock that I remember from that year were Pink Floyd's The Wall, Journey's Any Way You Want It and Pat Benatar. It's only my OCD that makes me need to start at the beginning of the decade ... (It's called 80s metal, so it seemed only right to include all of the 80s.) So that is what made me go this far back. Aside from the first three or four, I was never a huge fan of these other albums, but I was trying to come up with ten to keep it consistent, so this is what I scrounged up for the year. I guess these will do. Back In Black of course went on to become one of the best selling and most influential albums of the decade, but for my money, Early Van Halen is hard to beat, and what better way to start the decade than with And the Cradle will Rock?

Top 10 Songs of 1980
  1. And the Cradle Will Rock
  2. Hell's Bells
  3. Breaking the Law
  4. You Shook Me All Night Long
  5. Living After Midnight
  6. Everybody Wants Some!!
  7. Back in Black
  8. Heaven and Hell
  9. The Zoo
  10. Fool For Your Loving